RAYGLER for GC Svyaznoy: new technologies at a price cheaper than old
The Svyaznoy group of companies has signed a contract with RAYGLER for window dressing of its retail stores with REIGLER laitiks throughout Russia. As a means of advertising, focusing the attention of pedestrians and motorists on promotions and special offers of a mobile retailer, bilateral CRYSTAL MOBILE series lightikts of A1 and A0 formats were chosen.

Suspended on conductive cables, almost imperceptible from a distance of more than half a meter, CRYSTAL MOBILE series lightlights, thanks to their double-sided performance, can not only draw attention to street advertising, but also effectively perform advertising functions for visitors inside the network stores.

The RAYGLER light, thin, bright and weightless, will replace morally obsolete light panels of the Frame Light type in store windows of the retailer. The advantages of the new over the old are obvious: unconditionally surpassing Frame Light panels in all technical and quality indicators, RAYGLER lightboxes, due to a well-organized production policy of the company, are now cheaper than the hopelessly outdated panels of the previous generation.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the RAYGLER company managed to win the competition, where in addition to it 4 more companies participated. The quality of the RAYGLER lightworks coupled with the traditionally winning offer for a combination of price-service life-production time are the factors that competitors are forced to back down from time to time.

New lighting advertising technologies at a price lower than outdated ones – it is impossible to resist this argument. What confirms the choice of SC “Svyaznoy”.

The direct business benefit is in collaboration with REAGLER. Maybe it’s time to make sure of this and your company?

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