RAYGLER engineers new record for Bon Joli
The new cosmetics and perfumery store of the popular Bon Zholi chain, located in the very center of Moscow, has chosen REIGLER as the supplier of illuminated advertising products. Not only the premises of the store itself, but also the beauty salon of the same name, located on its squares, are equipped with RAYGLER lightings. In addition, the OUTDOOR series RIGLER laitiks also adorned the store’s entrance group, at the same time performing a navigation function for visitors.

It is worth noting that when fulfilling the order for Bon Joli, the REIGLER company was able to set a new technological record, in full accordance with the special wishes of the customer. MAGNETIC series lightixes of an unprecedented format of 2.1×1.2 m were installed in store windows. REIGLER engineers have honorably dealt with this task. MAGNETIC super large format lightboxes retaining their main advantage: replacing advertising posters in seconds, perfectly filled the display space, attracting visitors from afar.

Lighthouse decoration in a beauty salon also deserves special attention. On the basis of the most popular ultra-thin CRYSTAL LUX light panels, advertising mirrors were made. Built-in motion sensors are triggered when a person approaches, and a thin and bright light panel with an advertising image turns into a regular mirror.

The complex design of any retail premises with light advertising products of the highest quality and reliability level – REIGLER coped with such tasks more than once. Turnkey lighting design is necessary – contact REAGLER, we will be happy to tell about already completed projects and provide a new one that is suitable for the purposes of your business.

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