RAYGLER and the Moscow chain of premium coffee houses “Coffeemania”
Advertising is known to be the engine of commerce. Even in the Soviet Union recognized its great power, as Mayakovsky wrote:
«Not one, not even the surest thing, moves without advertising. ” But advertising should not only inform, it should also be pleasing to the eye, be original, satisfy the eudaimonistic needs of a person. To achieve these goals and objectives, RAYGLER and the Moscow chain of premium coffee houses “Coffeemania” agreed to deploy bilateral MAGNETIC A1 DS lightixes, the distinguishing feature of which is the ability to quickly and conveniently change the image, which is perfectly suited for frequent updates.

“MAGNETIC” has become a kind of technological breakthrough in its field, because they can reduce labor costs, but at the same time increase the effectiveness of promotions, and in addition, lightixes are also available in outdoor design, which will make them an indispensable attribute of the interior and exterior for any company.

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