RAYGLER and fitness club FitnessMania
The design of a modern Moscow sports club with a total area of ​​9000 sq. M., FitnessMania with CRYSTAL LUX series large format Laytiks Raygler is constantly expanding its cooperation with customers in various industries, as a result, more and more new companies can appreciate the products of this brand. This time CRYSTAL LUX lightboxes were installed in the modern fitness club FitnessMania with a total area of ​​9000 sq.m. This REIGLER company product, which has proven itself in many advertising campaigns, harmoniously fits into the interior of the room, adding to its brightness the style of the club, making it exclusive, recognizable and enjoyable.

Now, even lighting devices will not be needed – so bright is the glow, but at the same time, soft and not dazzling visitors. It is especially worth noting that the impression is made that the light is emitted by the image, which undoubtedly contributes to the storage of the image at a subconscious level, which, ultimately, is the main goal of all advertising actions.

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