I’m sitting opposite the computer and now I thought …. And why are we better than competitors?
Why a client from dozens of competitors should choose us?
She began to analyze competitors, but after all, everyone has the same thing. Well, ok, if everyone has the same thing, then price, speed, etc., will decide. But these are so hackneyed concepts. And what does it mean cheaper, faster, better?
All are the same … Everyone is selling the same product, plus or minus of the same quality, at plus or minus of the same price … ..
Well, we will raise the conversion to sales at the expense of speed from 15% to 17%. Well ok, let’s add cool speech modules, beautiful presentations, etc … Well, another 1-2%. But cardinally nothing changes.
At the moment, the market is clearly overheating … .. And what to do … ..
Basically there are 3 strategies:
1. Price
2. Quality
3. Service
Where to go?
In the direction of the price? Well, OK…. debug business processes, put everything on stream. We will write scripts and reduce costs. Perhaps we will increase the conversion to sale, reducing the margin. But then thousands of customers are waiting for us …. Unfortunately, not always satisfied ….
In the direction of quality? And the qualities of what? We sell standard goods, maybe not our option …. Need to think about it.
And how do you solve the issue of detuning from competitors?
Price / quality or service?
As a rule, a VIP-client is always a very busy person, he doesn’t have enough time for anything
Bon Joli
Bank of Moscow
At the exhibition
Formula Kino
Price / quality or service?
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