Description Outdoor

1 year warranty on the OUTDOOR series

— The case of the product is absolutely tight and protected from atmospheric precipitation

— Enclosure equipped with anti-vandal lockable door

— Lightix is ​​equipped with waterproof and moisture-proof resistors

— Type of illumination – end illumination of a four-layer extruded acrylic matrix

— The power supply has a universal input voltage range and provides power to LED arrays with power from 3.6 to 95 W in the temperature range from -35 to + 50 ° C with convection cooling, standard functions include protection against short circuit, overload.

*The product is certified No. ROSS US.AB36.B02076

Your outdoor advertising will become much more effective and durable, thanks to the new revolutionary development of RAYGLER – light tags for outdoor advertising Outdoor series with a thickness of only 51 mm. Now, even on the street, your ad will be able to attract the attention of potential customers with its unique uniform brightness and richness of images previously available only for the RAYGLER Indoor Light Series.

Your advertisement will work for an unprecedentedly long time – up to 10 years, in rain and cold, heat and frost, at temperatures from -35 to 50 ° C, thanks to the use of the latest heavy-duty LEDs, waterproof resistors and other technical features of the unique RAYGLER design, and image protection is guaranteed by special vandal proof glass.

Replacing information for street media has never been so simple and easy. Opening the door with a key, taking out the old and inserting a new image is all that is required to work with the lighties of this series. No need to call specialists and completely change the face acrylic, as when working with light boxes – your company employees will be able to change ads when necessary and as many times as necessary in seconds.

Perhaps this is really a revolution!

Dimensions Outdoor
MODEL Overall
size (mm)
Print size
Visible part
Weight (kg) Consumption
Electric power
A2 684x510x51 594×420 568×394 11.0 7.2W
А1 931x684x51 841×594 815×568 15.0 10.0W
A0 1279x931x51 1189×841 1163×815 28.0 24.3W

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