One of the largest banks – Bank of Moscow chooses quality
A recent tender gave a huge impetus to the development of mutually beneficial relations between the Bank of Moscow and Reigler. The new two-sided CRYSTAL MOBILE series lightlights on magnets of sizes A1 and A0 (sizes 949x702x18 and 1300x950x18 respectively) will harmoniously fit into the appearance and interior of all branches of the Bank of Moscow, creating a vivid image with openwork glow around the perimeter, like a bright halo. Unusual, creative, eye-catching will be this advertising solution in the Bank of Moscow branches. The new technology allows to significantly save money and optimize advertising campaigns and shares of the bank, as it may be located exactly where it will be most effective.

Relatively light, bright and reliable lightx will increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns of any enterprise, as many clients of our company have already seen and you can see for yourself by contacting Reigler. Reigler has long established itself as a reliable and flawless world-class supplier.

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