MTS selects comprehensive advertising solutions from RAYGLER.
MTS, one of the leading Russian mobile operators, has entered into a major contract with RAYGLER for the manufacture and supply of lightixes. With the help of RAYGLER products, a comprehensive light advertising decoration of MTS salons will be carried out, including placement of lightixes, both in display cases and on walls inside the salons.

Two-sided RAYGLER lightboxes of the popular CRYSTAL MOBILE series of A1 PLUS and A0 formats on barely noticeable elegant conductive cables placed in window display cases will draw attention to the proposals of the cellular giant pedestrians and motorists, while performing the same task for visitors. Inside the salons there will be two types of lighties: a series of special brightness CRYSTAL LUX of the A2 PLUS format and 22-inch RAYGLER multimedia displays.

The technical characteristics of multimedia displays deserve special attention: they can play not only photos and slide shows, but also video, formats from AVI to MPEG, from the most common storage media: USB flash cards, SV cards and SD cards. In addition, RAYGLER multimedia displays are equipped with built-in speakers and a system for automatically setting the necessary parameters with the possibility of centralized control via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

It is worth noting that RAYGLER received the right to issue MTS salons throughout Russia through the use of light and multimedia advertising media after winning a tender, which involved three more large companies that supply light advertising solutions. RAYGLER became the undisputed winner not only due to his impeccable reputation as a world-class manufacturer: no one else was able to offer MTS a comprehensive interior design with light and multimedia advertising products of its own production, which significantly reduced the time and financial costs of the mobile operator.

Whatever complex advertising tasks your business faces, you can be sure that RAYGLER will cope with any of them. The whole range of lighting and multimedia solutions in one place – and this place is called RAYGLER.

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