Description Magnetic
A magnetic mount that allows you to change the image as quickly and conveniently as possible and at the same time protects it from unauthorized access is a distinctive feature of the bright, elegant and fashionable lightworks of the Magnetic series with a perfectly even profile. No need to unscrew anything – just use the special suction cup that comes with the kit.

If your company needs a modern and vibrant advertising medium of impeccable quality, and you plan to frequently update images, the Magnetic series lightx will be the ideal solution for you because they will present your advertisement in the most favorable light and allow you to change information with unprecedented convenience and speed, while protecting her from unpleasant accidents.

P.S. Your company can also double advertising opportunities by ordering double-sided lightixes and add mobility advertising by choosing a version on conductive cables. Moreover, recently Magnetic lightx became available in outdoor performance – now you can replace street ads in record time.

*Ropes are located on top (non-conductive)
*The product is certified No. ROSS US.AB36.B02076
Dimensions Magnetic

*DS – bilateral lightiks

Model Overall
the size (mm)
Print size
Visible part
Weight (kg) Consumption
Electric power
A3 470x367x17 420×297 410×287 2.0 3.6W
A3 DS 470x367x35 420×297 410×287 3.5 7.2W
A2 644x470x17 594×420 582×408 3.5 7.2W
A2 DS 644x470x35 594×420 582×408 8.8 14.4W
А1 891x644x17 841×594 821×574 8.5 10.2W
А1 DS 891x644x35 841×594 821×574 14.2 20.2W
A0 1239x891x17 1189×841 1169×821 19.0 24.3W
A0 DS 1239x891x35 1189×841 1169×821 25.5 28.8W
АA DS 1500x1000x35 1460×960 1430×930 34.0 36.7W
2АA DS 1800x1200x35 1760×1160 1730×1130 56.0 51.1W


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