Grace itself!
Description Lumix
Stylish advertising of modern trendy and glamorous brands will attract everyone’s attention on the Lumix series lighthouses, thanks to the effective glossy appearance of the varnished profile and the increased brightness of this series lighthouses. The completely flat shiny lacquered frame Lumix unobtrusively and favorably emphasizes the advantages of the advertised brands, giving additional associations with the chic and luxury of your products.
The possibilities for the effective use of Lumix series lightixes are extremely high: they can be installed with equal success in shopping centers and banks, casinos and restaurants, business centers and boutiques, because focusing attention on your advertising favorably will look absolutely organic in almost any interior.
*Ropes are located on top (non-conductive)
*The product is certified No. ROSS US.AB36.B02076
Dimensions Lumix
MODEL Overall
size (mm)
Print size
Visible part
Weight (kg) Consumption
Electric power
A2 660x486x31 589×415 574×400 5.3 7.2W
А1 907x660x31 841×594 821×574 7.5 12.3W
A0 1255x907x31 1189×841 1159×811 19.0 14.4W
A0 DS 1255x907x31 1189×841 1169×821 23.0 28.8W
АA 1500x1000x31 1439×939 1414×914 22.5 33.5W
AA DS 1500x1000x31 1439×939 1414×914 34.4 67.0W
2АA 1800x1200x31 1744×1144 1714×1114 37.0 67.2W
2AA DS 1800x1200x31 1744×1144 1714×1114 52.0 134.4W

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