In general, we estimate 2010 as very favorable for us. The company has established its position in the light advertising market with victories in tenders held by large companies last year, coped with the implementation of numerous turnkey projects. The main achievement can be considered painless overcoming the crisis, we were ready for a serious increase in volumes, increase profits. People believed in tomorrow, and we felt it on the number of new customers who relied on our experience and the quality of products presented on the Russian market by our company.

In 2010, we acquired companies such as VTB, Svyaznoy, Russian Alcohol, Tanuki restaurant chain, Bank of Moscow as our customers. In the process of cooperation, these companies were able to evaluate that the Raygler company’s products attract new customers due to the impeccable quality of high brightness lights. Also, cooperation continued with our regular customers: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, MTS, Heiniken, Rosbank, Baltika and many others who, through their experience, were convinced that our products contribute to the promotion and development of products and services.

Our mood is excellent. During the existence of the Raygler company in Russia, excellent results have been achieved. We have ambitious plans, plus we are constantly improving product quality, expanding our assortment, optimizing our pricing policy, continuing to work with regular customers, negotiating with potential customers, and participating in numerous tenders. Occupying the largest part of the light advertising market at the moment, we plan to further develop and improve our performance, as evidenced by the constant increase in demand for our products. This year will be extremely interesting for our industry.

As for the prospects of the advertising and production industry, directly the one that implements energy-saving LED technologies, the dynamics of its development will be traced in the near future. The bright LED construction cannot be overlooked, while it does not require complicated maintenance, has a long service life, does not create problems during operation and significantly saves electricity compared to other light sources. The need of companies wishing to attract the attention of potential customers through light carriers will stimulate manufacturers to increasingly innovative and high-tech developments.

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