Leon Pesin: “Long live light advertising and bright, juicy images of the world!”

Leon, please tell us how the history of the RAYGLER Group in the USA began?
Raygler Group Initially, she was engaged not only in light advertising, but worked in the direction of research & development – she conducted research on everything promising that can be created on the basis of science and put on a commercial footing.
Raygler began to receive orders for the development and manufacture of prototypes, models. So, one company – the largest manufacturer of household appliances – made an order for a flexible full-color dynamic display.
In the course of the work, some ideas arose regarding the prospects of light advertising: instead of bulky light boxes with rear illumination, Raygler experts suggested using thin panels with end-illuminated images beneath transparent acrylic glass. To achieve the most uniform glow, a special light-scattering matrix was developed.
Then one well-known advertising agency, also from the United States, ordered a large batch of such thin panels. The company received very good reviews, as a result, a new type of advertising actually appeared, so it was decided to establish mass production of illuminated advertising structures. Therefore, we can rightfully declare that RAYGLER, since the first order for this type of advertising medium in 1997, has been a pioneer in this field.
It turns out that in the United States the company appeared more than 10 years ago, and entered the Russian market quite recently. Why did this happen?

RAYGLER the first years, since 1997, worked on the US domestic market. After the start of mass production, advertising companies, trading houses representing it under their own brands, as well as direct customers began to acquire the company’s products. The company acted as a manufacturer of products and did not pursue popularity, support, and brand promotion. But this year, we, specialists from Russia, who worked with these products for several years, managed to convince the company to open a representative office in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries.

It is also necessary to take into account that the production of a new type of light advertising medium is a very knowledge-intensive and resource-intensive process, it was necessary to spend a lot of money and time for the product to turn out to be really high-quality. It now seems quite familiar that the images in the panels shine across the entire area evenly, richly and beautifully, without dark spots.
But few people know that it was not so simple to make such a bright, high-quality, easy-to-use backlight, the company tried many options for working principles, backlight mechanisms, and texture of appearance. The result is what happened: a new type of interior advertising, thin, light, bright lightiks – light panels.

And how was the appearance of a new product on the market met?

We entered the market quite actively, with wide advertising and informational and journalistic support. I can say with confidence that the appearance of our company was more than positively received, we constantly receive positive feedback about our activities, old customers call, we are glad that now we represent RAYGLER, which means quality and success.

Which companies have already become your customers?

Today we work with Coca-Cola HBS Eurasia, other companies of a similar level, we are negotiating with a number of major advertising operators, we have offers for Indoor divisions – News Outdoor, Gallery. And also for large operators of advertising media in shopping malls, hypermarkets, and chain stores: first of all, high-brightness lightixes of the CRYSTAL LUX series, which are very convenient for placement above shelving with products in hypermarkets, at exhibition stands, shop windows.
Models in profile can be placed on the walls and on the suspension above the aisles to indicate departments, in the corridors, between the trading pavilions in the shopping center.
We are also a supplier of X5 Retail Group, we work with a number of tobacco companies. In the future we plan to expand the list of customers as much as possible, because we have all the necessary resources for production, we are able to provide the entire CIS market, and subsequently the countries of Eastern Europe.

Tell us how the “lightiks” differ from the “light panels”?

The level of the RAYGLER GROUP company allowed to create the latest generation of light panels, the most advanced technically, the most diverse and easy to use. These are not just thin light panels, the main feature of which is small thickness and end lighting, but already something more. Lightboxes come in high brightness for bright rooms (labeled LUX postfix), and moderate for soft even glow in the twilight of cafes, bars, restaurants. Conventional light panels do not imply such a nuance.
Lightboxes can be made of any thickness, profile width, color of the profile with a maximum size of 3×2 meters, the usual light panel simply “folds” or “leads” it. RAYGLER technologies allow us to do what is impossible with conventional technologies for the production of light panels, which is why our panels are called “lightixes” and are positioned as a new generation of light panels.
In addition to these advantages, there are many other differences: anti-vandal series PREMIUM HARD, MAGNETIC, in which the profile cannot be opened by hand. There are lightboxes with a button-switch on the panel itself, as on a lamp or floor lamp. The minimum thickness of CRYSTAL LUX lightikts is up to 1 cm, and 1.5 cm in a two-sided model. Nobody has thinner panels.

And what other types of lightboxes does RAYGLER offer its customers?

In total, we produce 18 types of light-emitting diodes and light-dynamic displays; for the Russian market, we initially decided to introduce several proven series (CRYSTAL, CLASSIC, LUMIX, PREMIUM, MAGNETIC), to which customers are already accustomed. Upon entering the market, we immediately presented several new products: the MULTIX series (speaker) and ROYAL (carved baguette profile in which the panels are edged), and also released a line of lightworks with increased brightness (the already mentioned CRYSTAL LUX, LUMIX LUX) and anti-vandal lightworks ( PREMIUM HARD and MAGNETIC).
it is a company of that level when there is a resource for improving products, for caring for the consumer, for satisfying any advertising, functional and aesthetic needs. And since we are not only a manufacturer, but also a developer, we constantly offer some new products, in the field of light advertising we can come up with and manufacture almost everything that is needed. Including custom manufacturing. At the same time, of course, the volumes of mass production are constantly growing. For example, light-dynamic advertising is being actively developed, not only indoor, but also outdoor.
We have several areas, some of which are not yet practically represented on the Russian market – these are MULTI-VISION optical-dynamic displays (3-5 smoothly changing images), MIRROR series mirror panels (first it’s a light advertisement on a thin panel, and after of how the motion sensor works is already a mirror), as well as roller displays (up to 15 scrolling posters), etc.

Which companies that also manufacture light panels do you compete with today?

At the moment, in terms of product quality, quality control systems and product testing in production, certification of finished products, we have no competitors in the CIS. The fact is that we have a huge advantage: we represent not just light panels, but lightixes – a new generation of light panels.

But if competitors still appear … What are your advantages, what attracts customers?

It’s convenient with us. The client does not need to go into technical details. The customer simply calls and says that you need to hang an advertisement in such and such a place, and it should be of increased brightness or, conversely, moderate, such and such thickness, profile width, color, etc. We will do the rest.

And we will declare the following advantages to the attention of advertising business professionals: the most stringent quality control. Technology and manufacturing experience of a company that has been operating since 1994 and has conquered the US market – a country that is known to be scrupulous about quality. The assembly of products and their verification of compliance with standards are carried out under the strict control of the Raygler Group, in accordance with US standards. So, in all factories each panel is being worked out in test mode. And without fail products are certified by the State Standard of the Russian Federation, which is also quite a serious indicator: in recent years, our country has been quite demanding about the quality of the products supplied.

And which projects did you especially remember, were the most interesting?

Now we are conducting several projects for very famous companies, we cannot disclose the details so far, but the results will be amazing, we promise!

We can say that we develop and manufacture for one of the largest advertising operators several samples of light-dynamic structures that will be used in interiors. Samples will be with a high level of brightness (as the customer desired), with the number of interchangeable images that the client ordered, and a rather large format. After approval, a large delivery of such structures will be made, and in the future we will be able to refer to this order and show already light-dynamic structures in action.

A small format sample is right here in the show room – here it hangs. See, the three images smoothly, invisibly to the eye, succeed each other? No scrolling, no visible mechanics, no sounds. This is a MULTI-VISION, opto-dynamic display. In the USA, such are already widely used, and in our country this is still a wide field for activity. And we have already successfully started.

In your opinion, what are the prospects for the development of light advertising in our country?

I am sure that in the very near future, light advertising will displace non-light advertising – all kinds of tablets, stickers, etc. Let’s take the same stickers on the windows of shops and various salons: now they are actively being replaced by light panels that are located indoors, as it is both beautiful and practical – such thin, light and bright advertising media that can attract the attention of potential consumers even at night.

The most interesting thing that can be said: light, lighting – this is the most wonderful invention of mankind after electricity! You know, here, at Mosfilm, where our showroom is located, there is a gallery in which the creative debuts of photographers and artists are exhibited. We are partners of such exhibitions. And if you look at the poster with the photo and the exact same poster, but on our lightbox nearby, the impression will be simply amazing! There is a huge difference, I just don’t feel like looking at a non-light photo after I saw a light image nearby. So the advertising potential of light images is inexhaustible.
We can confidently say that the non-luminous image is inferior to the luminous in a number of parameters. Moreover, it is the internal illumination that plays a role, and even external lighting or flashlights will not make the image live. We even use this slogan: “Lightboxes RAYGLER: everything comes to life at once!”
Long live light advertising and bright, juicy images of the world! By the way, we considered a variant of such a slogan: “Vivid images of the world.”

Finally, please share your plans for the future.

If we talk about the near future, then, first of all, we want to convey to potential customers information about our company, our activities, and products. Unfortunately, not many people know about it yet. Not everyone understands that making the image luminous is quite simple: no need to make a heavy light box, no need to roll “self-adhesive” on the “face” of the sign, no need to call installers to mount the structure. It is enough for one person to open the lightix profile, and this is done simply as opening a casket – you do not even need a screwdriver; change the image by inserting a backlit poster; to hang lightiks literally “on two screws” on the wall – the weight of the panels is so small, with a thickness of 2-3 cm. So light advertising is available to everyone.

And in strategic perspectives – the development of new products, scientific research, satisfaction of needs, customer requests for the supply of exclusive “custom-made” products. We, as part of the company, will be able from here, from Russia, to make our proposals for the engineering department of the company, and perhaps we will be able to produce something fundamentally new and interesting.

Text: Olga Kirillova
Source: AdIndex

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