Head of Representative Office of RAYGLER GROUP LLC NY gave an interview to P.O.S.M
P.O.S.M. RAYGLER GROUP® was founded in the USA in 1994 as a research company, a developer of advanced technologies in the field of fiber-optic and LED industry. After 3 years, the RAYGLER management, evaluating the commercial prospects of the technology received, became interested in the development of the advertising market. Research was carried out and a new type of illuminated advertising was carried out: instead of bulky boxes – light signs with an image pasted on the panel on the outside and incandescent lamps inside – RAYGLER experts suggested using thin transparent panels with end-illuminated images located inside transparent glass and made according to special light-scattering matrix for maximum brightness and uniformity of illumination. After the start of mass production, many global advertising companies became interested in RAYGLER products and began to represent them under their own brands. Specialists from Russia managed to interest RAYGLER GROUP in the prospects of the Russian market and the relevance of the company’s official representative office. At RAYGLER GROUP we went forward, and a representative office was opened in Moscow in 2008.

We are talking with the head of the RAYGLER GROUP LLC NY representative office in the CIS and Eastern Europe about the technology, application and prospects of a new advertising medium in our market.

— When was the first time light panels – Raygler lightixes were introduced in Russia? What is the difference between lightiks and light panels per se? What distinguishes Raygler products from similar products manufactured by other companies?

At the beginning of 2008, the official representative office of the RAYGLER GROUP in the CIS and Eastern Europe was opened in Moscow. The focus is on the Russian market as the largest and most promising.

Lightx is the name coined by our company in relation to RAYGLER® interior light panels. This is done not only because we want to highlight RAYGLER® products against a similar background. RAYGLER® lightings are, according to a number of signs, a different level of light panels, fundamentally different, different from that which is familiar to the Russian consumer.

To begin with, RAYGLER® products have a gradation in brightness level: there are less bright panels of the same series, there are brighter ones to match the degree of illumination of the room where the panels will be used. RAYGLER® technology involves the use of microscopic optical inclusions in a diffuser to control the brightness level. In well-lit rooms with direct sunlight or bright internal illumination, ordinary light panels are “lost”, simply because the effect of the glow, backlighting, is blocked by external bright lighting. RAYGLER® lightings for well-lit rooms are much brighter than conventional light panels. The use of such lightlights in the twilight of bars, cafes and restaurants is not recommended, since too bright a light will simply blind your eyes than cause irritation, eye fatigue. For such rooms in the RAYGLER GROUP there are corresponding lightixes with a brightness level suitable for such rooms: with a soft, pleasant glow. In principle, this is logical: if the cars have high and low beam lamps, indoors there are lamps for “daylight” and “night” light, “cold” and “warm” glow, then light advertising media should vary in brightness level depending on illumination of the room

The next meaningful moment: the diversity of the model range. The profile of the corresponding series of RAYGLER® lightboxes is not tied to two or three standard shapes and colors: any color can be selected in RAL or PANTONE.

— What other series of lightixes exist besides those that are presented on the site?

RAYGLER has a fairly wide range, and it is constantly updated. On our website you can see a line of light adapted for Russia, as several consumers have proven themselves in the advertising and design of standard forms of panels produced by different companies for the Russian consumer. But already during June-July, we plan to make available for Russians and CIS customers all the models manufactured in RAYGLER®. All this will also be available for review on our website.

For example, the Russian consumer will soon have access to RAYGLER® mirror mirrors, RAYGLER® multimedia lights with the ability to optically change 3-5 images (these are not just dynamic, blinking images, but something fundamentally new based on the light optical effect) and much more. All these products will meet the US quality standard, pass the certification of the State Standard of the Russian Federation, meet European quality standards. By the way, the largest format of thin light panels in Russia is the RAYGLER® lightiks: their maximum width is 2 m., With a length of 3 m. Until now, the largest light panel has been in the 3×1.5m format. Previously, no one was able to mass-produce thin light panels wider than one and a half meters with the highest quality, but in RAYGLER® it was possible.

— The relevance of light advertising, its advantage over other types of advertising.

If you start from afar – psychologically, light is also like fire. At a subconscious level, light attracts, attracts attention. Speaking specifically about the light carriers of images, graphic and text advertising – we can clearly state that just an image, no matter how bright and juicy it is, and an image with uniform bright illumination produced with light scattering over the entire area as uniformly as possible are completely different things . The light image looks alive, it comes to life literally. LIGHT as a background component is a nuance not provided for by the CMYK or RGB scale. Light animates, spiritualizes the picture. This image attracts the eye, it is pleasant, it attracts and fascinates.

— Scope of use: shopping centers, supermarkets and hypermarkets, airports, pharmacies, HoReCa, sports complexes, cinemas, cultural and entertainment venues. Features of impact on the buyer at points of sale using lightixes.

It is known that at the moment Indoor advertising in terms of investment prospects is becoming much more attractive than outdoor advertising. For example, about 70% of purchases made in supermarkets and stores are impulsive: that is, they are motivated by something directly at the point of sale. In other words, these 70% of successful exposure is the amount that television and radio commercials, 3×6 road panels, city-format panel brackets and other means of outdoor or media advertising can no longer count on.

It is also known that the impulsive nature of decision-making when shopping at points of sale has an emotional nature. Simplified, this operates according to the “I liked the ad – I bought” scheme – in relation to the product’s advertising, its halo, brand, image, appearance.

Thus, we can assume that the use of light carriers as an instrument for effectively positioning brands and promoting products at points of sale is more relevant than ever. Light carriers can be the best tools to comply with two of the three main laws of merchandising: product visibility and product presentation. Lightix (a thin light panel), placed above a rack with products of different brands, draws attention to the products shown on the poster inside the lightix, plus a stable association of impression is created: “ADVERTISING LIGHTING, STYLISH, ELITE LEVEL – MEAN GOOD PRODUCT, QUALITY.

Moreover, it can be assumed that in some cases light advertising at points of sale may be preferable to even funds from the BTL arsenal. An advertising image, which is the fruit of the work of a team of designers, copywriters, creators, and which contains, in addition to graphics, a semantic, verbal basis, is undoubtedly a more significant motivating factor for the buyer than, for example, the product itself in the store window. An important factor in this aspect is that the luminous panel does not require increased attention: it does not induce unplanned actions, such as: tasting something, entering into communication with merchandisers, etc.

— Technologies for manufacturing lightiks. Features of use, operation, installation / dismantling, change of advertisement.

In addition to well-known technologies, starting from the end illumination of images with lamps (visually this is a match thick thread) of a cold cathode, and ending with LED technologies and much more complex electroluminescent ones, RAYGLER has its own special technologies, which are usually kept secret by any company. This is an algorithm of certain techniques and technological subtleties that allow achieving quality close to ideal.
US quality standards are fairly stringent standards: all RAYGLER® products comply with them. And as already mentioned, RAYGLER® products comply with European and Russian quality standards.

The operation of lightixes is simple and convenient. Putting light on a wall is as easy as hanging a picture. To place lightixes on racks and stands with products, we make additional fastenings on the back wall of the lightix.

— Tell us more about the new panels in the Royal series. What are the features of their use? In which areas? Their category (premium) still implies certain points of sale and shopping areas.

The ROYAL series is the “first swallow”, the first series that we tried to present in Russia in addition to the familiar and established shapes and sizes. These are lightixes edged in a baguette art profile: the royal series from RAYGLER. Such panels can be placed in interiors in which it is impossible to place lightixes in a metal profile or lightikites of the transparent Crystal series: in luxurious apartments styled in antique style, with stucco molding on the ceiling, carved railings, rich decoration, etc. These are luxury hotels, restaurants, casinos and night clubs.

— For which consumer is light interior advertising intended (subjective opinion)?

Illuminated advertising attracts everyone equally: those who already know their brand and buy products from this manufacturer – such people from afar see their favorite products on bright luminous lightlights and go to them; and those buyers who suppose they don’t know anything about a product, but saw its colorful advertisement on a beautiful light panel: in the latter case, as already mentioned, the impulse association “advertising is illuminated, beautiful, expensive means a product of high quality, worthy”.

In terms of consumer – in our opinion, this is a representative of the middle class. Of those who value the concepts of “product quality”, “level”. And of course, sympathy, impressive preferences play an important role: how beautiful the advertising is, how effective, how witty or informative. In this case, lightboxes are only a means, a conductor of the successful idea of ​​marketers or creators. We emphasize, not being afraid to repeat: a light image is better than a non-light one. It doesn’t matter where the picture is or the text. We are inclined to believe that in the rooms light information will gradually replace non-light: against the background of light information, non-light information is generally perceived with difficulty, it is more difficult to notice and read, not to mention to understand what it contains.

— How do you assess the Russian market of indoor advertising today, in particular in your area. What has changed since the creation of the Moscow office of the company?

As already noted, the Indoor-advertising market is constantly growing and in some cases becomes more attractive than display advertising or outdoor advertising. This is connected not only with the new Russian laws on advertising, with a number of restrictions. As noted in marketing research, no matter how good a television ad is, for example, no matter how many times a consumer watches it, 70% of purchases are made on a pulsed basis, largely due to BTL events and point-of-sale advertising.

A few months have passed since the establishment of the company’s representative office, but a number of successful negotiations have already been held with the largest Indor advertising operators and large retail chains. For example, we already work with such large customers as the X5 Ratale Group (Pyaterochka and Perekrestok supermarket chains), the Krestovsky department store, our customers are Coca Cola HBS Eurasia, Imperial Tobacco Ltd. and other companies of a similar level.

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