Description Crystal Mobile

Crystal Mobile – this is a version of the most popular model of the Laitix series Crystal Lux. The main difference is the ability to mount on conductive cables, giving owners of lightiks of this modification almost complete freedom of choice of their placement in space.

Having all the advantages of the main model of the series: a transparent case with openwork perimeter glow, as if surrounding a bright halo, as well as unprecedented subtlety and ultra-low weight, Crystal Mobile modification makes your advertising image even more airy and attractive. Your advertisement, hovering in space and favorably emphasized by the bright and clear glow of lighties of this series, can now be located exactly where it is most effective.

The range of applications of Crystal Mobile lightworks is extremely wide: effectively working as an advertising medium, they will decorate the interior or windows of almost any institution: from a small cafe to a reputable banking institution.

*conductive cables are located at the ends on special mounts
*The product is certified No. ROSS US.AB36.B02076
Dimensions Crystal Mobile

  *DS – bilateral lightiks

MODEL Overall
size (mm)
Print size
Visible part
Weight (kg) Consumption
Electric power
A3 521x398x10 420×297 408×285 3.5 3.6W
А3 DS 521x398x12 420×297 408×285 4.0 5.0W
A2 600x450x10 510×360 500×350 4.8 6.0W
A2 DS 600x450x10 510×360 500×350 6.1 12.0W
A2 PLUS 684x510x10 594×420 582×408 5.8 6.1W
A2 PLUS DS 684x510x16 594×420 582×408 7.0 12.2W
А1 840x600x11 744×504 734×494 8.5 9.0W
A1 DS 840x600x11 744×504 734×494 10.3 18.0W
А1 PLUS 949x702x11 850×603 835×588 11.0 10.0W
A1 PLUS DS 949x702x16 850×603 835×588 12.4 20.0W
A0 1300x950x13 1179×831 1159×811 23.7 20.2W
A0 DS 1300x950x16 1179×831 1159×811 29.0 28.8W
АA 1500x1000x13 1385×885 1360×860 29.1 33.5W
АA DS 1500x1000x16 1385×885 1360×860 38.8 48.0W

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